Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Saucey Night

I have to vent about my "saucey" night last night. I'm in the midst of taking "Culinary Foundations 2" and as you can probably guess, things move a little quicker than "Foundations 1." So, with that said, last night we were expected to make 4 mother sauces (the classic French sauces used to make additional "small sauces") and 5 small sauces.

WELL, the chef made it look pretty darn easy in his demo so I thought it wouldn't be that bad since we've made mother sauces in Foundations 1. I was wrong. My Allemande sauce turned into scrambled eggs. My Supreme cooled down too much before I got to present it to the teacher. My Bechemel only yielded (literally) 4 drops because the chinois (a cone-shaped straining device) I used was so clogged with clunk from previous students. I just had to laugh at this point in my night. Even my Veloute was crappy because I apparently didn't cook the roux long enough. I felt like a complete the time I couldn't get Hollandaise for the life of me!

Phew. Glad that's off my chest. I was pretty relieved when the night came to an end. Usually when I have a crappy night and feel like nothing went my way, it just sticks with me the whole drive home. I'm hoping by next Tuesday, the day of our practical, some magical sauce fairy has sprinkled magical fairy dust on my burnt, non-polished, manly hands (well, these days that's what they're looking like!) so I can whip up something magical.

Or maybe I'll just have to begrudgingly shake my fist at the French for creating so many sauces in the first place.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. As hard as the Hollandaise was you finally perfected it; just like I know you will perfect the eight different sauces from last night.

  2. I'm feeling it.... Fall is my favorite season also. Good luck with the sauces. I am sure you will get ti perfection.

    From Candy