Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deep Breaths...


I am still shaking. I cannot believe what just unfolded tonight. I didn't do good friends....I DID GREAT!

So here's how it went down. Seven sauces, 10 points each. I made them in 2 hours but I was one of the first people finished, believe it or not. I showed up an hour early to chop and prepare all my ingredients before the start of class because this way, you're ready to go when the teacher says GO! Sounds pretty intense but this is what he recommends and it definitely took a lot of weight off my shoulders. Okay, can I brag about my scores a little?

1. Espagnole: 10 pts
2. Veloute: 9 pts
3. Bechamel: 9 pts
4. Beurre Blanc: 10 pts
5. Hollandaise: 10 pts
6. Allemande: 9 pts
7. Chasseur: 10 pts

TOTAL: 67/70 pts

I started off with 2 9's and was more than satisfied and surprised how well I started off. Then I got a 10, and then another 10, and another one...and you got the idea. Excuse me for bragging but I really don't know how I pulled it off...but I did! All I have to say is...



  1. Congratulations Kari! :) Love you!!

  2. Congratulations on nailing it! I'm impressed. Mastering the mother sauces is high on my kitchen 'to do' list.